Changes to the VIA Préférence Terms and conditions

View Terms and conditions in effect until December 4, 2019, here | View Terms and conditions effective as of December 5, 2019, here

We updated the Terms and conditions of the VIA Préférence reward program. The Terms and conditions are an agreement between members and VIA Rail Canada Inc. that governs their participation in the program. Note that none of the updates will impact how members currently earn or redeem points.

Notice to members

Active VIA Préférence members (who earned or redeemed points in the past 36 months) were sent a notice of this update the week of September 30, 2019. If you're an active VIA Préférence member and didn't receive the notice, please make sure that your contact information is up to date here.

Summary of changes

To read the full text of the updated Terms and conditions, click here. To view a printable side-by-side comparison of the current and previous Terms and conditions, click here.

Here are the main updates to the Terms and conditions:

  • Previously, all points expired on a specific date that was regularly extended. The new Terms and conditions do away with this so that points can no longer expire in this manner.
  • Consistent with our commitment to reduce our environmental footprint, we've specified our preference to communicate with members via email. As such, a valid email address is required for all new members. We also invite existing members for whom we don't have an email address on file to help us reduce our environmental footprint by updating their account information online (My Profile) or by phone (1 888 VIA-PREF) to let us know how we can reach them by email.
  • We've clarified how points are earned and redeemed. Of note, we've clarified that the redemption grid is posted on the VIA Préférence website and subject to change from time to time.
  • The updated Terms and conditions now explain how such terms may be updated in the future to better serve members. While we may make changes to the Terms and conditions as the program evolves, we will keep members informed by sending them a notice before the change comes into effect.
  • The privacy of our members is important to us. Our Terms and conditions now make it clear that membership in the program—as for all VIA Rail services—is subject to the VIA Rail Privacy Policy, available here.
  • We've further defined the role of parents and legal guardians with respect to a child's account.

Effective date of the changes

The updates to the Terms and conditions have taken effect on December 5, 2019.

Consenting to or opting out of the new Terms and conditions

Members who continue to participate in the VIA Préférence program after December 5, 2019, are agreeing to the updated Terms and conditions. Members can choose to discontinue their membership at any time. For members under the age of majority, this amendment to the Terms and conditions is deemed to have been consented to by a parent or guardian unless VIA Rail is notified otherwise within 30 days of the coming into force of the new Terms and conditions.