In effect until December 4, 2019

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The following conditions apply to the VIA Rail Canada Inc. VIA Préférence program (hereafter called the “Program” and “VIA Rail”).


  • Members must be at least two years old at the time of registration. The consent of a parental or legal guardian is required for members under the age of majority, if such consent is a requirement in the jurisdiction of the member's residence.
  • Only individuals are permitted to join the Program and they must use their full legal name.
  • Members are permitted to sign up for the Program only once.
  • Members may be required to provide proof of identity and/or proof of age during participation in the Program.
  • Only the person whose name appears on the membership card and in the membership file is entitled to use the card and Program privileges.
  • Membership cards remain the property of VIA Préférence and must be returned to VIA Préférence without delay if so requested.
  • VIA Préférence reserves the right to revoke Program membership at any time, without compensation. VIA Préférence may invoke membership for any reasons that may include, but are not limited to, abuse of the terms and conditions of the Program, non-compliance with the rules and regulations, and providing false or misleading information (including registration information and train travel information).
  • In accordance with the law, personal account information may only be given to the member or to a person who has been designated by a member in writing.
  • Members shall be responsible for advising VIA Préférence of any name change and/or address change in writing. Proof of name change is required.
  • VIA Préférence shall not be liable for any misdirected mail or email or any consequences thereof.
  • A VIA Préférence account remains active as long as there is point accumulation or redemption within a three-year period.
  • VIA Préférence reserves the right to terminate memberships that have been inactive (no point accumulation or redemption) for three (3) consecutive years. Upon such termination, all points will expire from the inactive account.
  • For active accounts, membership terminates upon death of the member. Upon receipt of a copy of the death certificate and a request from the executor of the will, VIA Préférence points can be transferred to someone else.

Personal Information

  • It is the member's responsibility to keep their profile up-to-date by providing a valid email address and a valid home address. VIA Préférence is not responsible if a member does not receive important Program notifications because their profile is not up to date.
  • Members give their consent to VIA Préférence to provide Program partners with any personal data that may be required to develop appropriate offers and rewards for the members. Members may opt out of such activity by stating this preference at the time of registration or by informing VIA Préférence.

Earning Points

  • Points can be earned on ticket purchases (excluding taxes) for all routes and all classes of service where VIA operates in Canada. This excludes all-inclusive packages or tickets sold by tour operators, block space or group fares, gift cards, commercial account sales, tickets for connecting bus services and tickets issued to VIA passholders. Members recognize that VIA Préférence may modify, without limitations, current point accumulation rules.
  • Members may request retroactive credit for any transactions missing from their VIA Préférence account that occurred in the previous six months; however, new members' transactions that pre-date registration by more than one month are not permitted. To receive their retroactive credits, members must send a copy of their original tickets to VIA Préférence. No points will be awarded without this proof of travel.
  • The deadline to apply missing trips to the qualifying period is March 15 of any year. Any missing trips claimed after March 15 will count as regular VIA Préférence points and will not be considered for qualifying towards or keeping an upper tier level (Privilège or Premier).
  • VIA Préférence points are not considered for qualifying towards or keeping an upper tier level (Privilège or Premier) for the next benefit period (starting May 1st of every year). Only dollars spent on VIA travel for trips completed by the end of the qualifying period (March 31 of every year) count towards achieving an upper tier status.
  • Members can earn VIA Préférence points only for their own travel. A member cannot accumulate points by booking travel for someone else. Members or third parties are not permitted to earn points for travel undertaken by other people, regardless of who paid for the travel.
  • VIA Préférence points have no monetary value.

Redeeming Points for Reward Travel

  • Reward tickets may not be used in conjunction with other promotions, coupons, discounts or special offers, unless authorized by VIA Préférence.
  • VIA Préférence reserves the right to limit the number of seats available for reward travel and to restrict travel on certain dates.
  • Reward trips are not permitted on December 23 and 24.
  • VIA Préférence points belong to the individual members who have earned them and cannot be transferred, sold, or bartered. However, members may book reward travel for someone else using their points.
  • Travel reward bookings may be requested only by the member from whose account the points will be deducted or by a third party designated by that member in writing.
  • Reward trips for a child are available only for children aged between 2 and 11 years old (inclusively).

Point Expiry

  • All VIA Préférence points expire on December 31, 2021, regardless of when they were earned. However, this date may continue to be extended regularly and in such case, all VIA Préférence points will be carried over to the next expiration date.
  • VIA Préférence reserves the right to cancel the membership of any member who shows no point-earning activity in the 12 months following registration.


  • VIA Préférence reserves the right to modify or amend any of the terms and conditions or Program rules, in whole or in part, at any time, with or without prior notice of such amendments to their members.
  • VIA Rail reserves the right to terminate the Program without any further obligation.
  • VIA Préférence will be the final authority as to the interpretation of these terms and conditions and Program rules.
  • The VIA Préférence program is subject to the laws of Québec and Canada.