VIA Préférence complies in part with the Quebec government's standards on web accessibility:

  • Standard on the accessibility of a website (SGQRI-008-01)
  • Standard on the accessibility of a downloadable document (SGQRI-008-02)

Accessibility audit

The following software are used to verify accessibility:

  • Add-ons for Firefox: Firebug, version 1.9; Web Developer Toolbar, version 1.1.9; Accessibility Toolbar, version 1.5.6; Accessibility Evaluator, version; HeadingsMap, version 1.05.7; NoSquint, version 2.1.5; Juicy Studio Accessibility Toolbar, version 1.7
  • Colour Contrast Analyser, version 1.2
  • NVDA 2012.3
  • Jaws 12, French version

Current situation with the website

Several rules that encourage accessibility have already been applied to the current site and are reflected in the following:

  • The content and structure of the document comply with W3C XHTML 1.1 standards.
  • The content presentation complies with W3C CSS standards.
  • HTML tags are used based on their original meaning for coherent navigation.
  • The structure and content are separate from the presentation (use of CSS style sheets).
  • The document is structured using tags and information divided into blocks to make it easier to consult.
  • A table is used only when information is best displayed in a table.
  • Title tags are used only for structuring content hierarchically.
  • Lists are found only in list-identified areas.
  • The icon is used with replacement text to identify any links that open as new windows.
  • There are text equivalents for most of the main non-text elements (photos, images, graphics, symbols, etc.). For example, for non-decorative images or with text that contains an ALT attributive that describes the content.
  • No information is conveyed solely by colour.
  • There are no elements that blink or have sudden movements.

Non-compliant content

There are still issues with accessibility, but VIA Préférence continues to improve the accessibility of its website in the long term. Here are a few examples:

  • The magnification of the font size creates certain reading issues.
  • The colour contrast needs to be improved.
  • The wording of the links in certain sections needs to be revised.

Telephone support

You can get help if you have trouble navigating the website or filling in the online forms. You can contact an agent at the following toll-free number: 1 888 VIA-PREF (1 888 842-7733).